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Dwell Magazine (June 2014)

Dwell cover June 2014, Pre-Fab Sonoma House by Connect: Homes, Written by: Kelly Vencill Sanchez.
Photo credit:  Joe Fletcher

Grohe Book (2018)

Water. Intelligence. Enjoyment. (volume 8)

Edited by: Michael Rauterkus, Released April 2018. Features Sonoma Valley Pre Fab, Connect 5 on page 132.

Architectural Digest (July 2015)

July 2015, ‘California Dreaming’, Art consultation for Jeff Atlas’ Hugh Newell Jacobsen Napa residence. Aerena Galleries & Gardens sculptures by Dave Tanych, Bret Price, Greg Lauren and Lisa Demetrios.
Photo credit: Roger Davies
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Condé Nast House & Garden (June 2015)

June 2015 “The Update” article featured this image from a stylish San Francisco inner city home remodel.
Photo Credit: Kris Tinken

Prefabulous Small Houses Hardcover

Written by: Sheri Koones, Released September 20, 2016. Features Sonoma Valley Pre Fab Connect on page 108.

Kitchen in the Vineyards (April 2018)

Featured Sonoma Valley Pre Fab in the 21st Annual Kitchens in the Vineyards home and garden tour in the Napa Valley. Five gorgeous St. Helena residences opened their doors for the event, all to benefit the summer chamber music festival, Music in the Vineyards. The self-guided tour features statement kitchens, outdoor entertaining, published design, and Napa Valley living at its finest. Homes are styled by professional designers and florists whose talents highlight each home’s unique character with the bounty of spring.

Styling With Orange as an Accent (April 2019)

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30 Stylish Kitchens with Wood Floors (February 2019)

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Featured on Derring Hall, 33 Color-Infused Dining Rooms (2018)

33 Color-Infused Dining Rooms // Vibrant San Francisco dining room by Meredith Rebolledo Interior Design. One of the easiest ways to make a statement in a room is with a vibrant use of color. Click through 33 gorgeous dining rooms that prove it’s always worth going bold with color for everything from seating to wall treatments.

Featured on Houzz, 50 Cleverly Placed Decks (April 2018)

50 Cleverly Placed Decks From Around the Globe // Do you long for a deck to stretch out on, but only have a postage-stamp patch of an outdoor area? Never fear, this collection of compact but cleverly designed decks will provide all the inspiration you need to deck out your own small space, and create the perfect outdoor retreat for you and a select few to enjoy.

Featured on Houzz, 25 Decks (March 2016)

25 Decks That Look Into the Wilderness // Decks encourage a healthy dose of fresh air and relaxation – it’s here you can leisurely start and finish a book, fire up a barbie with friends, or host an alfresco dinner party. A place to enjoy the quiet of nature, decks can also elevate you to a giddy state of nirvana. See how the secluded decks below lap up the landscape in which they sit: each one is no doubt the best ‘room’ in the house.

California Home + Design (October 2014)

“I love how Ma(i)sonry designer Meredith Rebolledo used primary colors in the décor to pop against the white canvas of the home. The dining room set features vintage chairs and an Italian chrome table topped with a 50s style spoke basket by sculptor Mikey Kelly. The sustainable bamboo floors are standard.” Written by: Annette Hanami.
Photo credit: Annette Hanami