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Let’s Talk

  • A phone call is a great first step in our book. This introduction gives us both a chance to meet each other, walk through the project—your needs and wishes—and confirm we are the best fit for the job.
  • Meet and Greet

  • Design and art are very personal preferences, so this is our chance to discover your aesthetic, learn how you and your family live and work in a space.
  • Teamwork

  • Now we dive in. We are highly collaborative and open, and find that our best work comes from being part of a great team. At this stage, we meet everyone involved and learn the roles they play. If there are any additional roles needed, we can help connect and source that talent.
  • Project Scope

  • Transparency is key. This is where we relay what we heard and learned in the discovery phase, so we all agree on the project scope moving forward. Many of our clients are neither local, nor in the same time zone, so the needs for project design and management differ greatly with each new project.
  • Organization

  • It is very important to us to be clear and organized on the front end. This isn’t as much a step in the process, but a thread that runs through our entire process. Staying organized and open allows for flexibility when we need to pivot quickly, and maintains a blueprint for staying focused on the end goal.
  • Design Proposal

  • Agreeing on the nuts and bolts. Based on our conversations, we deliver a proposal outlining the general timeline, estimated budget for time and materials, and project deliverables.
  • Collecting

  • Inspiration can be anywhere and everywhere. We invite our clients to collect and gather ideas throughout the process. We utilize collaborative tools like pinterest, houzz and dropbox, to supplement email and face to face meetings.
  • Design Plan

  • Bringing it all together. A design plan will be developed from inspiration gathered—we’ll work together to finalize the plan and iron out next steps.
  • Order and Install

  • Seeing is believing. Final selections are made, orders placed, and the vision becomes a reality. We work with the team and vendors to determine ideal timing for ordering each piece, from hardware to furniture.
  • Button Up

  • All the finishing touches that make you feel at home in your space.